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Gain optimal health and peace of mind by utilizing CA Hormones for all of your preventative medical services!

  1. STEP 1:

    Make an online appointment or contact our staff today! Our medical forms and conversations are 100% confidential and HIPAA compliant.

  2. STEP 2:

    The initial conversation with the doctor. Meet one of our friendly doctors here to help you gain optimal health and wellness. We accept in-office appointments as well as telehealth for our optimal health programs.

  3. STEP 3:

    We provide in-house diagnostic blood testing, or we can send you to a laboratory close to your home that is in your network. After your blood is drawn, we gain insight into your hormonal levels as well as review other comprehensive blood and nutrient panels.

  4. STEP 4:

    Schedule a follow-up doctor consultation to discuss your test results. This will complete your evaluation and begin your treatment regimen. Our doctors will work with you to make sure we’re prescribing you medications to meet your health needs.

  5. STEP 5:

    Get results from your treatment protocol and live better! As part of your treatment regimen, we will consistently be monitoring your ongoing progress to be sure the protocol is working as planned.

    We may need to tweak your protocol to receive the continued benefit of the medications. Follow-up diagnostic testing will also likely be necessary to make sure all medications are working effectively within your body.