NAD+ Therapy in California

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Restore your cellular health, organ performance, and overall health through NAD+ IV therapy. NAD+ is vital to metabolic processes within your body. As your body ages, it decreases the amount of NAD+ that is produced. NAD+ Therapy can help reverse many of the symptoms of ages by improving energy production, boosting metabolism, and increasing focus. 

NAD+ is also highly beneficial for individuals that have suffered from substance abuse issues. If you or a loved one has ever struggled with drug or alcohol addiction, then you are aware that the road to recovery is lifelong and challenging. Extended use of illicit and prescription drugs can cause long-term damage to your body and can make your recovery even more difficult. 

NAD is an IV treatment that can help one heal from addiction by getting your body the ideal amount of nutrients it needs to help you heal and feel your best.

What is NAD+?

NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) is a coenzyme found in each of your body’s trillions of cells and is one of the most important molecules your body rapidly loses with aging. NAD+ is responsible for helping your body’s important biological processes like metabolism and even restorative functions. Through NAD IV Therapy, we can help you restore cellular health which in turn, helps your organs and your body perform better as you age.

How Can You Benefit From NAD+ IV Therapy?

Benefits from NAD+ include:

  • Addiction recovery
  • Overall wellness
  • Mitochondrial function
  • Protect brain cells
  • Reverses symptoms of aging
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Fights fatigue

Including NAD+ IV therapy as part of your health optimization plan helps ensure that you get 100% of the possible benefits from this coenzyme. Through this method, your body will absorb the highest amount of supplemental coenzymes and convert them into beneficial energy.

Pills and other oral delivery methods of NAD+ exist, but it’s often difficult for your body to absorb NAD+ this way. This means it’s more difficult to guarantee results. NAD+ IV therapy is the safest and most effective way of supplementing this coenzyme in your body.

Who Should Include NAD+ IV Therapy as Part of Their Health Optimization Plan?

NAD+ Therapy in California

Anyone who currently feels as though they are constantly tired, sluggish, or feel like they are consistently dealing with brain fog may be a great candidate for this IV therapy. By utilizing NAD+ therapy they can drastically improve energy levels and fight against these types of fatigue. 

Individuals who are dealing with symptoms of age-related illnesses or issues may also be candidates for this form of IV therapy. NAD+ Therapy can also be beneficial for healthy individuals as well as there as this is still a vital coenzyme for the body and can still help optimize bodily functions.

For example, NAD+ Therapy is often recommended for individuals who compete in high-intensity athletics as a method to enhance their performance and endurance. It can also be used to speed up recovery times after extreme workouts or even injury.

NAD+ IV Therapy is also beneficial for those suffering from the following illnesses:

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Heart failure or heart disease
  • Diseases related to weight management
  • Mitochondrial dysfunction
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Mental illness such as depression
  • Chronic energy deficiencies
  • Cognitive issues
  • Parkinson’s disease

You don’t need to wait until you begin feeling symptoms related to aging to utilize the benefits of NAD+ Therapy. This form of IV therapy is also preventative in nature and can delay many age-related experiences and lower your risk for the onset of certain medical conditions. 

In addition to being preventative in nature, NAD+ Therapy provides a boost for athletes looking to improve overall performance and endurance. It is also extremely beneficial in shortening recovery time. Getting an NAD+ boost can provide wondrous benefits to any individual’s body. 

As mentioned earlier, NAD+ provides many benefits to individuals suffering from substance abuse and looking for an added boost during addiction recovery. NAD+ can help repair brain cells that may have occurred some damage during addiction. It can also regenerate opiate receptors which will help reduce drug cravings or some of the symptoms of withdrawal. 

Learn More about NAD+ IV Therapy at CA Hormones

NAD+ IV Therapy is a highly beneficial medical treatment that anyone can utilize to optimize their health and wellness. Our bodies produce NAD+ and as we age we produce less and less of it. For this reason, many of the symptoms we feel while we age are due to loss of NAD+. Through this revolutionary form of IV therapy, we can combat many of the nagging signs of aging and gain the energy and focus we need. 

At CA Hormones Health Optimization Clinic, we offer NAD+ IV Therapy as part of health optimization protocol. Speak with one of our medical professionals today to determine how we can help you!

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